The risk of stress during the pregnancy

Many people are looking for high risk pregnancy treatment when they aren’t in the good condition. Women who are pregnant are strongly encouraged to avoid stress. This is done to maintain the health of pregnant women and prospective baby. When a pregnant woman experiences stress, the blood pressure will increase, the heartbeat will beat faster. This situation will make the prospective baby or fetus in the womb become choked.

Stress during pregnancy will increase the risk of babies experiencing allergies after birth. When pregnant women are stressed, the baby will absorb the cortisol hormone produced by the body of pregnant women. Babies with high levels of cardiac will be more likely to have a greater risk of allergies, than babies with low levels of cardiac. Also, Stress that affects pregnant women will increase the risk of miscarriage (abortion), compared with pregnant women with lower levels of stress. Miscarriage can be due to stress in gestational age in the first trimester, or delay in fetal growth in the uterus, and premature or fetal birth prematurely if stress occurs in the second or third trimester