Teaching from the Heart

Hi, angeli. Being a teacher is a vocation of a life devoted to being able to minister to people who are not yet known, be it in the intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms. A teacher is a human who teaches and also learns when he teaches. Science is infinite, all mankind in this world will never stop learning let alone become a teacher. Some people say that teaching is the best job they meet, and some others say that teaching is just a few professions that can be profitable and make money. However, for me as a true Christian teacher candidate, teaching is a hobby and I feel I will never feel bored while doing the hobby.

Being a teacher is not as easy as many other people think. There are so many difficulties or challenges when called upon to be a teacher. First of all is the concept of material that we will teach later. As much as we learn, the science of the subjects we teach is always limited and incomplete. Teaching demands mastery of content that teachers can not always reach. In addition, let alone the lessons we will convey, the students we teach are more and more complicated than life and knowledge itself in order to respond intelligently and wisely.