Changes from the Film Industry

Ten years after the invention of motion pictures (1888), then the world’s first (not just moving) motion picture appeared, at least closer to the concept of films that already exist today. The film is known as the Roundhay Garden Scene directed by Louis Le Prince from France. The film lasted about 2 seconds describes a number of Le Prince family members are walking around enjoying the day in the park. The world of child cinema is also started by Walter Elias Disney or who is more familiarly called Walt Disney. She started trying to make entertainment for the children first time while trying to cheer her sister, Ruth, who was ill. He creates a picture in the corner of a small book that moves slowly. Then when he opened the corner of the book quickly, the pictures he made seemed to move. When you want to watch a movie that comes from a roll then you will be through the concern whether the film will be damaged or not because the ribbon that became the role requires special handling. To avoid unwanted events, you can use our services to convert to MP4 or AVI with 4K image quality and affordable price. Please contact us super 8 film to dvd.

Changes in the film industry, clearly visible on the technology used. If at first, the film is black and white, silent and very fast, then it develops to suit our eye-vision system, color and with all sorts of effects that make the film more dramatic and look more real. Not only can movies be enjoyed on television, cinema, but also with the presence of VCDs and DVDs, movies can be enjoyed also at home with good picture quality, well-orchestrated sound system, termed home theater.