Follow This To Take Care Your Lash

Have you ever asked do eyelashes grow back? If yes, you can visit our website to get the answer. In this article, we’ll give you some suggestions that you can use to keep your lashes can grow beautifully and dense. Here’s how you can do.

1. Set a healthy diet
A diet with very limited diet can have an impact on hair growth and health. Lack of vitamin D, vitamin A, and complete protein can cause or aggravate hair loss. Make a balanced diet with a variety of foods that contain nutrients that your body needs to make the hairs on your body healthy. These nutrient-rich foods, including cereals, milk, carrots, kale, fish, and nuts.

2. Let your lashes natural form
Excessive or incorrect use of the eyelash curler can directly pull your eyelashes, especially if the hairs on your lashes are already weak and fragile. Do not use an eyelash curler for a while and see if this helps keep your lashes do not fall out.

3. Keep your hands away from your face. There are millions of bacteria in the palm of your hand so that if you touch your face (good for scratching, rubbing, wiping, etc.), you will be carrying the bacteria on your skin. Your eyes are very sensitive to the bacteria and can be easily infected. By keeping your hands away from the skin, you will ensure that your eyes (and your eyelashes) can stay healthy.

– If you are hard to break this habit, try to stick a piece of tape on the tip of your finger. This will make you aware of the time would be to do it and help you to break the habit.

– Find another way to do is make your hands busy, such as by playing with a rubber band on your wrist.