Converting your super 8 without wasting money

It’s true that there are some conversion companies that accept the super 8 conversion services. However, if you find them only offer you with the 4K quality of graphics, you bet that it will be very expensive. So if you wish to get the same or a bit lower quality of pictures for your super 8 videos, then you may try to find the convert super 8 to digital service which offers the lower qualities for the sake of your budget.

For the cheapest one, you may choose the SD quality. Although it will only have half of the video’s original quality, at least it will save a lot of your money. As for the slightly better one, choosing the pro HD will obviously give you the opportunity to save up some of your money, but the quality will be a bit better than the SD. Nevertheless, you can also choose the 2K quality, which has the same quality of pictures just like the original, but it won’t be too expensive for most people.